The help of many friends of Rose Hill has been invaluable in the printing of this
little book. I am particularly grateful to Charles J. Schmidt and the Regional Library
staff for their assistance; to Suzy and John McCullough for their constant support
and beautiful photography; to Mrs. Barbara M. Story, able Custodian of Rose Mill
Cemetery for her interest and concern in the maintenance of this historic spot and
to her great staff of co-workers; to the City of Macon Police Department and Bibb
County Law Enforcement Center for their vigilance in safeguarding these grounds;

to the Community Development Department of the City of Macon and especially to
Mrs. Mary B. Costello (now Standard) who was willing to "put our name in the pot"
when financial assistance was so badly needed; and finally to John M. Heard, Jr., and
his staff of the Southern Granite & Marble Company and the Edwards Machine Shop
for their assistance in the actual restoration work; and finally to Penfield-Rowland
Printing Company for this beautiful book.

Main Entrance


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