We begin at the Main Entrance and will go straight down Central Avenue. The
first spot of interest is the Dunlap mausoleum which is one of the handsomest in
the cemetery. Samuel Scott Dunlap owned property across the river known as
Dunlap's Hill, now part of the Ocmulgee national Monument. He moved to Macon
and founded the Dunlap Hardware Company and amassed what was a fortune in
those days. He had five daughters and one son. All the daughters married well;

two lived in Macon, one in the house on College Street now occupied by Beall's
1860 Restaurant and the other in a beautiful columned residence farther down
College Street, now owned by Jack Caldwell. This mausoleum has twenty crypts
and Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap, their five daughters, one son and four of the daughters'
husbands and two children are buried here. I had occasion to read Mr. Dunlap's
will and Item 1 states that he desires to be buried on his lot in Riverside Cemetery
and that a monument costing no less than $1,000 be placed over him. His
daughters traveled a great deal in Europe and evidently decided the spot was not
good enough. In 1902, when Mr. Dunlap died, he was buried in Riverside
Cemetery, but as soon as they could get this mausoleum erected, he was moved
here along with his one and only grandchild. Another son, John Lee Dunlap, who
died much earlier and was probably buried in Fort Hill Cemetery was also
moved here.


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