This Ramble begins at the main entrance of Rose Hill Cemetery and will in-
clude St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, the Congregation Sherah Israel, the Old
Hebrew Burial Ground, the graves of Confederate soldiers, and other inter-
esting spots.


First, the Wolihin Masonic Monument. This is an interesting memorial to a
father-son combination, both of whom served as Grand Secretary of the Grand
Lodge of Georgia. It is supposed to duplicate the altar in a Masonic Lodge with
the square and compass on the open Bible; the columns and the black and white
marble floor duplicating those in King Solomon's Temple; the three steps to the
altar signifying the three degrees of Masonry and also the three principal offices
in Masonry.


Look over to the right towards the stone wall to the weathered urn at the
grave of Meel Reid, highly regarded Georgia architect (1885-1926). A book
published in 1975 "Architecture of Meel Reid in Georgia" is available at the
Washington Memorial Library. Mr. Reid was a Macon native, named for Mr. Joseph
M. Meel who was a great friend of his father. He designed some thirty houses in
Macon before going to Atlanta to do some of the great homes in the 1920's.


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